Ep 10: Emotions in Coaching

What do you do when a client has a strong emotion in a session? Do you acknowledge? Offer space? Uncomfortably shift in your chair and secretly wish the session would end sooner rather than later?

This episode is about how to use, deal with, and/or avoid (ok maybe not avoid) emotions that come up in coaching conversations.

SHOW FLOW and LINKS (some may be affiliate links)

The definition of emotion

Emotions vs. feelings

“Faux feelings” – what are they?

How to sense emotion in a client

Some things that might get in the way of sensing emotions in clients

How Sandy works with emotions in her sessions

How Dave works with emotions in his sessions

Using “neutral language” to share observations about emotions

Managing strong emotions from clients during sessions

What Sandy sees in student sessions when it comes to emotions

Loss and grief – why these emotions come up so often in sessions.

Candace Pert – The Molecules of Emotions

Karla McLaren – The Language of Emotions

Lisa Feldman Barrett – How Emotions are Made

Emotional vocabulary/feelings wheels:

Feelings and Needs Wheel created by Bret Stein (based on Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg, PhD)

The Feeling Wheel by Gloria Wilcox

The ICF PCC (Professional Certified Coach) Markers can be found here:
November 2020 ICF PCC Markers

The NBHWC Practical Skills Guidelines (Competencies and “Observables”) can be found here:
September 2022 NBWC Practical Skills Guidelines

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Find Sandy at swansoncoaching.com

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