Ep 9: Closing a Session (Coaching Session Structure Series – Part Five)

Let’s wrap it up! This episode is about how to properly, gracefully, close a coaching session.

This Episode is part of our “Coaching Session Structure” series, where we will be leading you through the structure of a coaching session. Be sure to check out Part One, How to Start a Session, and the following episodes to get all caught up.


Dave shares some ICF (International Coach Federation) competencies regarding closing a session

Sandy talks about the NBHWC (National Board for Health and Wellness Coaches) Practical Skills Guidelines and closing a session

What to cover when closing a session

What to do when a client “reopens” a topic at the end of a session

What to do when you are running out of time in a session

What Sandy sees in student sessions when it comes to closing a session

How Dave and Sandy close their sessions.

The ICF PCC (Professional Certified Coach) Markers can be found here:
November 2020 ICF PCC Markers

The NBHWC Practical Skills Guidelines (Competencies and “Observables”) can be found here:
September 2022 NBWC Practical Skills Guidelines

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