Ep 7: Evoking Awareness (Coaching Session Structure Series – Part Three)

Evoking awareness is the “meat” of the any coaching session! We got lots to say (as always) about this topic, and here we give our thoughts and tips on how to work on this important skill.

This Episode is part of our “Coaching Session Structure” series, where we will be leading you through the structure of a coaching session. Be sure to check out Part One, How to Start a Session, and the following episodes to get all caught up.

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What is evoking awareness? Dave shares the ICF definition

Some examples of how evoking awareness shows up in a session

How curiosity comes into play when it comes to evoking awareness

Some skills and techniques that are useful for evoking awareness

Tips for new coaches to improve this skill

How evoking awareness shows up in the NBHWC (National Board for Health and Wellness Coaches) Practical Skills Guidelines (linked below)

The ICF PCC (Professional Certified Coach) Competencies (8) and Markers (37) can be found here:
November 2020 ICF PCC Markers

The NBHWC Practical Skills Guidelines (Competencies and “Observables”) can be found here:
September 2022 NBWC Practical Skills Guidelines

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