Ep 6: The Topic/Focus and Agenda/Agreement (Coaching Session Structure Series – Part Two)

What is the “topic” or “focus” of a session? Isn’t this the same as the “agenda” or “agreement”…? Let’s compare the ICF and NB competencies and figure out how to set a good agenda/agreement!

This Episode is part of our “Coaching Session Structure” series, where we will be leading you through the structure of a coaching session. Be sure to check out Part One, How to Start a Session.

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Dave explains what we mean by the “topic” or “focus” of a session

How we as coaches can help clients unearth what’s beneath the topic

Explanations of the terms agenda, agreement (and later, contract!)

Sandy and Dave compare the ICF (International Coaching Federation) Competency 3: “Establishes and Maintains Agreements” and its 4 markers VS the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaches (NBHWC) Practical Skills Guidelines for agenda (see below for links to both of these resources)

Things for new coaches to consider when setting the agenda/agreement

Our thoughts and experiences when setting agendas

The ICF PCC (Professional Certified Coach) Competencies (8) and Markers (37) can be found here:
November 2020 ICF PCC Markers

The NBHWC Practical Skills Guidelines (Competencies and “Observables”) can be found here:
September 2022 NBWC Practical Skills Guidelines

JUST STOP IT !!!!!!! (what our sessions really look like) 😉

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