Ep 4: Coachability of Potential Clients

How do we know when a person is “coachable”? What are the essential traits of a truly coachable client? What is the “coachability index”, and who the heck is this Thomas J. Leonard guy, anyways?? These questions and many, many, more are answered in this episode.


What is coachability?

Thomas J. Leonard’s “Coachability Index” – his 10 questions that he asked all potential clients

Sandy’s thoughts on TTM (Trans-theoretical Model aka Stages of Change) and coachability

Dave’s experience with coachable clients in working for a coaching company

What we look for in potential clients in terms of coachability

Thomas J. Leonard’s Coachability Index

Research and thoughts on coachability:

Forbes: What is Coachability and How Can I Embrace It?

Forbes: Why Genuine Coachability Matters and How to Achieve It

European Mentoring and Coaching Council: How Coachability is Defined by Coaches

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