Ep 3: No Business Like Coaching Business

Things every brand new coach should know before embarking on a coaching career, including the “CYA (Cover Your A**) Trifecta”, Dave sharing some math fun (much to Sandy’s chagrin), and Sandy singing AGAIN (much to David’s chagrin). Scroll down for notes and links.


The essentials that need to be considered if you are a new coach setting up your business

Dave shares some thoughts on math(s) and making money as a new coach

The average rates companies pay coaches (fall 2022)

Sandy shares what to look out (sneaky employers!) for when job searching

Where the money is in the coaching world

The basics of what you need to get started if you are “going it alone”

Sandy’s “CYA Trifecta” to protect your business

Our thoughts on websites and what to have even if your website is a one-pager

The importance of finding your way of communication and marketing in a way that’s fun and authentic to you

Thoughts on continuing education and certifications

What to NOT get caught up in when starting your coaching business

Passive action vs. Massive action

What worked for us when we first started out What didn’t work for us when we first started out

Our thoughts, tips, and resources

LINKS (note: some of these may be affiliate links, we appreciate your support!)

Insurance – Sandy uses CM&F Group – there are others out there that work well for coaches

Client agreement – there are many examples out there, here’s one from the ICF

Lisa Fraley has a lot of resources on her website

Website Building/Graphics&Logos:








Scheduling platform: Practice Better

Peer Coaching: ReciproCoach

State laws for health coaches (Council of Holistic Health Educators)

Find Dave at coachdshen.com

Find Sandy at swansoncoaching.com

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