Ep 2: Get a Coach! Get a Coach!

Should you have a coach if you are a coach? Spoiler alert: Yes. Yes you should. Every good (and great) coach has at least one mentor, business, or another type of coach to help them work on coaching skills as well as personal issues. Scroll down for show notes and links!


The three types of coaching you can get as a coach

What mentoring coach is – and isn’t!

Some bad habits Sandy and Dave worked through with the help of a mentor coach

An important skill that we didn’t learn in our coach training that we later learned with a mentor; other skills we improved after working with a mentor

Why working with more than one mentor coach can be helpful

Why personal development is just as important as working on coaching skills

How emotions and energy and intuition can help – or hinder – your coaching

What Sandy sees when reviewing student PSA (Practical Skills Assessments) and how coaching can help

Benefits of working with a mentor one-on-one vs. in groups

When mentor coaching is a requirement

How group mentor coaching works

How to find a mentor coach

Things that could get in a coach’s way when it comes to getting coached themselves

RaeNotes Transcription tool for coaches

ICF “Find a Coach” tool

Better yet, work with one of us!

Find Dave at coachdshen.com

Find Sandy at swansoncoaching.com

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