Ep 1: The 30-Minute Menace

(cue: loud deep evil breathing…)

Demonstrating all of those coaching competencies in a short amount of time can be a challenge, but it can be done! We’ll walk through just how to do this;  we’ll also talk about the 30-minute coaching session in a workplace/corporate environment, share our tips for coaches to feel more comfortable in these short sessions, and more. Scroll down for show notes and links.


Sandy talks about PSAs for health coaches

NOTE – the NBHWC has changed its guidelines for PSAs; there are now 18 skills that new health coaches should strive to demonstrate (changed from 17 as Sandy mentions in this episode). Your coach training organization PSA guidelines may offer slightly different skill markers or competencies for their training purposes. Current NBHWC Skills Guidelines can be found here (2022)

Sandy speaks of the importance of having a “good PSA client”

The most important thing Sandy thinks you can do during a 30-minute session (ANY session, really!)

The issues Sandy sees when reviewing PSAs

Sandy’s pet peeve about reflections and summaries

Sandy’s top three tips when recording a 30-minute PSA

Dave talks about 30-minute sessions when working for a coaching company

Dave’s explanation of how this all works and the types of clients he works with

How Dave navigates sessions when clients just want information, not “proper” coaching

How Dave’s private practice clients differ from the clients acquired through coaching companies

What happens when Dave runs out of time with those 30-minute clients – is he stressed and feeling the pressure?

Does the client notice or care if markers/competencies are demonstrated?

Dave’s top three tips for a coach starting work for a coaching company that offers 30-minute sessions

Dave shares some research on where the 30-minute session time length came from.

ICF Research

Another research project and findings

Keith Webb – shorter, more frequent sessions are better

Find Dave at coachdshen.com

Find Sandy at swansoncoaching.com

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